Instant Cash Sweep Stakes – Review

I just signed up for a new website Instant Cash Sweep Stakes and in this post I am reviewing the website and sharing the experience of using that website so far. Sweep Stakes is actually lottery system where everybody buy tickets and stand a chance to win a prize in random draw of tickets. More tickets you have, more chances of winning you have. This site is based on similar concept.

The difference being that here you don’t buy tickets with money. You complete set of random survey’s consisting of 3 questions (you can see a survey in action in the footer of this website) and you get coins and tickets for it. Here are the important things to know about this site


Only cash prizes are given out and there are two kind of prizes given every day

  • 50$ Cash every day
  • 2$ Cash prize every 4 hours

You need tickets to enter into daily prize of 50$ and coins to enter prize of 2$ every four hours.

Trust Score:

This site gives you trust level. Your trust level increases if you answers survey regularly and accurately. To keep you honest they ask you same questions here and there and compare your answers with previous one’s. If they match then it is a plus for you. I reach TS 2 in around a week despite of getting few answers wrong. So, the longer you stay with this site, more coins and tickets you get, more your chances of winning a cash prize increase.

PayPal Payout:

The best thing about this is they payout through PayPal which means no waiting for check to arrive and then cash out. Cashing out is as easy as clicking on a button.

Coins & Tickets:

You need coins to enter into 2$ prize draw every 4 hours. Your tickets automatically become part of daily 50$ prize draw and are reset every 4 hours.


If you refer a person and the person you referred wins then,they give you a matching prize and you both win.


  1. No Spam: There are no offers that you need to signup. No Spamming of your email box
  2. Simple UI: UI is very attractive and simple to use. Easy to navigate through website
  3. Quick: You do not need to spend a lot of time. In fact there is a restriction on number of surveys you can take in one go. It is just like playing a small game during a break.
  4. Quick Payout: You can cash out with as low as 2$ and they automatically pay you if you reach 100$


  1. Small Payout: If you are looking get rich quick then this website is not for you.

That is actually the only downside of I can think of this website. I mean you answer bunch of questions for few days (may be few weeks) and they give cash for you without actually asking for your mailing address or spamming your inbox is quite good.

Verdict: Although I haven’t won a single cent from this website till now but my experience with this site has been good so far. Answering 3-4 short survey’s in day not a big distraction or irritation. I am going to use it for about a month (1 week is already over) and see what can I earn from this. Will keep you guys posted on this.

You can join this website by clicking on this link or by answer the survey in the widget. Your comments are most welcome.

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