FreeCap-a small big utility


I found this small freeware program called FreeCap recently and found it useful for doing non work related thing at work environment Smile . Technically FreeCap is a:

“Program for transparency redirect connections from programs through SOCKS server. In fact that some programs hasn’t native SOCKS support (for example Internet Explorer), In this case FreeCap will be helpful, transparently redirect all connections requests through SOCKS server.”

I know that will not make sense to lot of people, so to explain in simple words:

FreeCap is a program that can allow almost any application to access internet transparently if native support for proxy is not built in that program. For example if A game exe that requires direct internet connection to work. If you run that application via FreeCap, it will transparently route the request through proxy mentioned in FreeCap and the application will think that it is directly connected to internet.

This utility can come really handy if you want to run Lockerz Redemption bots from an internet café or a place where you don’t have direct internet connection. Although I have tested this utility myself and haven’t found any issues but still use it at your own risk. I will take no responsibility of any problems that this program might get you in.

You can download FreeCap program by clicking on link below

Download FreeCap

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