Instant Cash Sweepstakes-giving another chance

I used Instant Cash Sweepstakes for about 4 weeks, reached a Trust Score of 4 but didn’t win even a single cent. I stopped using it about 10 days back. I was getting ready to post that:

“I am giving up ICS and taking off links of ICS from Freebies. I don’t regret joining and using this site as it doesn’t spam the inbox and doesn’t require much of time and effort. May be I am just not that lucky”

But as I was thinking about the rest of the content of the post I checked my inbox and I found that lady luck just paid me a visit.


According to them there was a bug in there system that didn’t allow me to win any cash. I quickly opened my ICS account and saw there was actually 1$ in my account. To top that off they started a new service called ICS Pro where you answer professional surveys and get paid instantly for them.

The most interesting thing about it is that you can provide video feedback. You can record around 1 –2 minute of video about your opinion right from there website (you just need a webcam) and actually help company’s make decision. The best part about it is you are paid for doing this.

I earned 3.08 $ in just one day out of which 1$ was for their apology and 2$ for giving a video feedback of about 1 min and 0.8 cents from referral earning and answer different surveys.

P.S: I have cashed out 3.08$ from ICS. I am now waiting for money to reach my PayPal account. Will update you guys once I receive it.

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