Why are we here?

It is purpose that created us. Purpose that connects us.  Purpose that pulls us. That guides us.   That drives us! It is purpose that defines us.  Purpose that binds us.

As many of you would have guessed it, above is a popular quote give by Agent Smith to Neo in “Matrix Reloaded”. I like it a lot…..

So, that brings me to why are we here?. We are here to discuss the purpose of this blog, so let’s get to it.

1. Segregation:
A lot of time I feel urge to share something that I find interesting but is not related to Siebel. I have a hesitation to put it on Siebel Unleashed as it might be irrelevant or even irritating to some of you. This blog will house that kind of content. So that you are not forced to read it if you don’t want to.

2. Vent Out
Sometimes I have urge to vent out my frustration, anger or observation through writing and sharing with others. This blog will help achieve that purpose.

2. Making Some Money
Yes, this is very important even for our survival. As, you all know there are costs involved in maintaining websites and as the site gets popular the cost increases. I have never asked you for any money and I never will but through this blog I would share my experience, tips and techniques on attempts to make money from internet.

I will share links and information on websites that have helped me or may help me in achieving it and if you like you can jump in and try some of them if you are interested.

For example Lockerz information which I initially posted on Siebel Unleashed will be moved here.

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