Triond- Received my first payment


I wrote 11 articles in the month of October for Triond. Did nothing special to promote the content. I just put the links on my Facebook, twitter, Freebies and some forums. Got around 250 views from these places and pocketed around 70 Cents. I know it is not huge money and there is nothing really special about this but this proves two things

  1. Triond is not fake and it does pay for what you earn.
  2. Writing is the best way to earn money on internet.

Need proof for both things ???

1. Below is the screenshot of my PayPal account where I received money.


2. This month I didn’t write any article and already earned 0.81 dollars from the same articles. Below is the screen shot for my Triond Account earnings.


If you have a big social network and promote content seriously then you do have good chance of earning money from Triond. So, what are you waiting for. Click here and give it a try you don’t have anything to loose.

  • Nath_tublade

    Encouraging information but I already submitted a lot but still I only earn so little from what I expected to have..anyway I guess traffic matters most.

    • Anonymous


      Yes traffic matters a lot but there are certain type of topics that attract more traffic than others and also that give more returns with less views.

      What have you written about in these articles???

  • ecommerce website developers

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