Writing equals to money

Internet is all about content. You search internet for good content, read content, see content. As somebody said very wisely “Content is the King”. Every word of the this statement is true and as I had mentioned previously. The best way to earn money is by creating a website and then putting unique content on it.

There are lot of people out there who have a talent of writing about something or everything.  You can easily earn money by creating compelling content and then selling it.

There are basically two approaches that you can follow to start earning from your writing. 

Approach 1:

  1. Setup a free blog at blogger or other such services.
  2. Start writing regularly and get some reader following, who will read the content of your blog regularly.
  3. Setup an Ad sense account to display Ads.
  4. Setup a website, move the content from blogger to your website.
  5. Start earning.


  1. You are the owner of the content and can use it however you wish.
  2. You have more control over what Ads are displayed.
  3. If you choose right topic and do it in a right way then you can earn 100’s of dollars pre month.
  4. Some sort of web designing or coding knowledge required to run it properly.


  1. You have to invest.
  2. Can take up to several months before you start getting any thing substantial income.
  3. Easy to get de-motivated if the returns are not according to your expectation.
  4. Finding the right topic and writing the unique content is difficult.
  5. Find a niche topic or domain and write about it which limits you options of writing.

Approach 2:

  1. Signup with websites that pays per article, view or word.
  2. Write regularly for them and promote your content.
  3. Earn money :)


  • Simple and easy to start.
  • No investment or coding knowledge required.
  • Immediate returns.
  • Can write just about any thing and everything


  • Difficult to earn substantial income
  • Have to Careful about Scams

On the first look Approach 1 sounds tedious, hard work and not so attractive. This is true up to some extent but in long run Approach 1 can help you to get recognition and name in addition to money, where as second approach gives you just money. So, you have to weigh both options thoroughly before choosing one.

P.S: For the record I followed Approach 1 for siebelunleashed and have been quite satisfied with the result. I have recently started exploring the second approach and have started seeing the results in as less as 1 week. I will be sharing more information about these pay per view, article and word websites.

Stay tuned!!!

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