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As I mentioned in my last post writing equals to money I am on my way to explore Approach 2 of writing for sites that pay for articles. Well, I am liking what I have found so far. This approach allows me to write about general, things I observer in daily life or just what I know about computers and still earn money from it.

The first site that I am giving try currently is Triond.

How does it work?

The working is pretty simple

  • You sign up with Triond
  • Write an article and submit to Triond.
  • Triond editors looks at the article and approve if they find it according to the standards
  • Once approved your article is submitted to one of their affiliated sites such as Healthmad, Webupon, computersight etc.
  • You promote your content and get paid according to the views your article receive

What do they pay?

What I have observed is that they pay approximately 1 cent per 10 views but this rate  goes higher as you as you publish more articles you start getting higher earnings. I have around 9 published articles in Triond and have earned around 16 cents for 96 views which means slightly more 1 cent per 10 views. Need proof???


Here are the advantages that I can think of this approach

  • It is a continuous source of earning. I mean you can write an article and forget about it and you will still earn money
  • You can write about anything under the sun.
  • They pay thorough PayPal so no waiting for check
  • The payout is as low as 5 cents which means once you reach 5 cents you can cash out.

The only drawback is that you are not the owner of the content but I look at it in this way, “If you put your content on internet then anybody can copy and use it and there is nothing you can do about it. So, better submit it to some website that will actually pay you for that”.

Will keep sharing my experience at Triond. So far so good.

If you want give Triond a shot. You can click here and signup

  • The Triond Experiment

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