Making money from your file collection


Today I am going to share one more way of making money. As we all know internet is nothing but vast collection of information. Sometimes information is organized in as web pages and sometimes it is available as downloadable content such as pdf, ppt, dat, zip and other files.

Over a period of time we keep on downloading and collecting this information and develop a collection of software, e-books, tutorials and videos that run into GB’s for some people. Now this collection can help you to earn money.

There are lot of file sharing sites available out there that allow you to upload these files and allow you to share it with world. Now, the thing that you might not have been aware about is that some sites pay you per download of these files. Filesonic is one site that I have been trying for sometime now and I can vouch that they really pay. I started around a month back and have already recevied around 34$ from them.


Here is the PayPal proof of the latest payment:


How it works?

Working is pretty simple.

  1. Signup either with Premium or Basic filesonic account.
  2. Upload your files (make sure it is not violating any copyrights)
  3. Share the file links on internet, with your friends and everywhere

Theoretically you can get up to 35$ for 1000 downloads but in reality you get somewhere around 5$ – 6$ per 1000 downloads

How else can I earn?

Downloads is not the only way your earn with Filesonic. If somebody buys a premium account from your file link you get paid. If somebody joins using your referral link then also you get paid.

I will keep posting my experience with filesonic from time to time. All I can say at this point is that make your collection earn you some money instead of just sitting there in your hard disk.  Again this is not a get rich overnight way but just another way to have some additional income and depending on your social network it could turn into a substantial one.

So, what are you waiting for. Signup today, upload and start earning

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