I recently came across a site called Lockerz.  It is an invitation based site where after registration you get points  (PTZ) which you redeem for great prizes like iPhone, iPod Touch, MAC Book, PS3, Wii, PSP and lot’s more.

I have verified about the site and it is as real as it gets. It is still in beta so there is good chance of winning. I have written a little more details about the site and how to get invitation to join the site.

Go through it if you are interested.

What is lockerz?

Lockerz is site that gives you points (PTZ) for watching videos and playing games which you can redeem for great prizes such as Movie DVD’s, PSP, WII, MAC Book, iPods and other great goodies.

Need Proof?

Here are few links of Videos on youtube telling about their wins and opening their gifts in videos.

A Guys recieving a lockerz T-Shirt in India

A Guy from India showing receipt of PSP game

A Guy showing an iPod Touch 64 GB

Just search for it and you will be able to find 100’s of videos showing various people in various parts of world showing their even more expensive prizes.

How do I make points?

As of now there is 4 ways to make points.

  1. Login daily – 2 PTZ.
  2. Answer daily question – 2 PTZ
  3. Watch Videos – 2 PTZ (per video)
  4. Refer friends – 2 PTZ

How many points do I need to make to get a gift?

Prizes start from 60 PTZ (Desktop Wallpaper) – 14000 (iMac 21’)

There are some great prizes at low points such as iPad – 3500 PTZ, iPod Touch (64 GB) – 3200 PTZ, XBox – 2700, PS3 – 3600, Wii – 1000 PTZ, PS3, Wii Games – 400 PTZ each and lot more

2 PTZ is too less, can I make more?

Yes, you can. If you refer 20 friends then you become a Z-List member which means that you get double points for everything you do. In other words you get 4 PTZ for everything.

I want more, is it possible?

Yes, sometimes it is possible. They come with bonus points occasionally for example yesterday if you did anything you will get double points. Which means Z-List members will get 8 PTZ and normal members will get 4 PTZ for everything.

Okay I have enough points, how do I redeem?

You cannot redeem anytime you want. Every month they select a random day and time in which you can redeem your PTZ. If you miss that then you might have to wait for another month (So, you need to check regularly).

What’s the Catch, there has to be a Catch?

The catch is that you have to watch full videos before you can earn points. They have made sure

  1. You cannot watch two videos simultaneously
  2. You cannot login from two systems and watch videos
  3. You have to enter a captcha string after end of video to earn points.

Though you are not forced to watch video. You can start video and keep on doing your work and after it ends, enter captcha string and earn points. Though most of their videos are interesting and you will not be bored if you watch them and most of their videos are from 30 Seconds (shortest) – 6 Mins (longest)

Do I get lot of emails or newsletters after I join?

No, in fact the only email I received from lockerz was after becoming a Z-list member.

Lockerz Invitation
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* Your PTZ expire after an year if you don’t redeem.

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