Lockerz redemption tips

After using Lockerz for 6 months I think I am getting hang of it. I have now been able to participate and redeem successfully in last 4 redemption. I will be sharing the details of what I have redeemed once I receive confirmation of the prizes. This post is about the things that can help you to participate and redeem in Lockerz redemption.

1. Check Lockerz site at least once everyday.
This is the most important thing to do. It takes less than 5 minutes to login and check lockerz hallway.  You might ask Why is it important??

  • It allows you get login PTZ and dallies PTZ thus adding minimum off 4 PTZ (8 PTZ with bonus questions) to your account daily. This can be come in handy in long term.
  • It helps you to know any bonus redemption that might be about to happen and also the tentative time and date.
  • It allows you to know the criteria to qualify for redemption. Sometimes just logging in is the criteria to qualify.

If you follow the above tip you will have fair bit of idea about the week in which the redemption will happen. Start checking frequently in that particular week.

2. On Redemption day
Once you know the redemption day (either by lockerz announcement or by hunch) check lockerz every two hours on redemption day to see if they have posted the rules in the hallway or not.  Your real watching (or camping) should start once they have posted the rules in hallway.

3. Get a free alerter
Once the rules have been posted that’s when an alerter comes into picture. An alerter is a software that checks the lockerz site for redemption periodically and tells you via alarm that redemption has started. There are quite a few alerters available now both free and paid.  You have a choice between a software or a toolbar. Comprehensive details about alerters coming in next post.

4. Once rules have been posted
Redemption can start any time once the rules have been posted in hallway but generally there is a gap of 2 hours between rules and redemption start. They keep mixing it from time to time but more or less you have at least 1 hr. If you don’t have any alerter or software then these are things that you should do next:

  • Open in a browser window
  • Refresh it after 10 mins in first hour after rules are posted
  • Refresh it every 5 minutes after 1 hour (Be very cautious in doing this activity if you refresh it too frequently then you might get banned)
  • Keep your email address, password and address details handy in a notepad (copy paste will save you time)

5. Try Lockerz Redemption Simulator
When you have some free time try to use Redemption simulator. This will help you to understand what to expect in redemption and also help you improve your speed in redemption. The best free simulator available right now is TuTu Dragon Simulator which is exact replica of lockerz PTZ place.

Feel free to add to this!!!

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