Chronicles of my stay in United States of America – The beginning

I moved to US in August 2010 on long term visa. I have been to US before on short term visits and had fair bit of idea what to expect but believe me coming on long term with family is veryyyyyyy different than coming on short term. There are lot of things that you have to take care and one small mistake can hurt you in long run. So, I thought I will share my experience of living in US on long term visa and share my tips and mistakes which might help you (in case you have just arrived or my come to US in future). As they popularly say 

“ You should learn from the mistakes of others, as you don’t live long enough to commit all of them yourself” :)

My stay in US can be broadly divided into two parts so far:

  • Prior to owning a car
  • After owning a car

Owning a Car is pretty big and absolutely essentials for your survival in US (except major cities like New York etc). I heard somebody saying “Without a CAR you are VEGETABLE here”. Your life can vary from an absolute hell to mildly irritating depending on the number of friends or support you have where you live. I was fortunate enough to have friends around me, whom I could depend on and take my time in getting things done.

Here is a list of things I have accomplished in US so far in last 4 months.

  • Find an Apartment
  • Get Social Security Number
  • Open a Bank Account
  • Get a Mobile Phone
  • Get a Driving License
  • Get a Credit Card
  • Buy a Car

Everything had story and learning behind it. I will go into details of each one of them and hope that it saves you from some hassle if you happen to be in same situation.

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