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When I came to US two things really baffled me here. The house rent and the car insurance rates. I went to a housing society and got to know if I move today into their 1 bedroom apartment then the rent will be 600$ but if I move tomorrow then the same apartment will cost me 720$. A difference of 120$ in just one day that didn’t make any sense at all(this topic deserves a detailed post that I will write some other time). In this post I am going to share my experience of hunting for Car Insurance.

Getting a car insurance is very easy here but getting a good rate is not.  Just one call and you have car insurance in 10 minutes without even getting up from your bed but from my experience it is better to get an online quote first and then give them a call.

Tip*: Always to go website first to get the insurance quote but always finalize by calling them. Most of the insurance companies have discount for starting quote online.

Tip*: Signup for paperless statement this also makes you eligible for some more discount. With paperless statement you will receive your monthly statement in email.

The rate that you get for your insurance depends on your car, your driving history (claims, accidents, tickets) and when you got your US license (this is the most important factor). You cannot control the rate that you get, you can just customize your coverage’s.  If you are new in US then it is important to keep looking for insurance quotes from time to time. During my last 1 year in US I have already switched my insurance two time (I wish I had done same with my job also Smile) and I am currently with my third insurance company Progressive.

Tip*: Keeping looking for insurance quotes from time to time.

About Insurance Companies:

I have had chance to deal with 3 Insurance companies and I would say Progressive has been the best both in terms of customer service and rates. I had a bad experience with State Farm as they only operate through Agents and you might have to visit their office in order to get a better rate. Gieco was at par with Progressive in terms of customer service but they had very high rates as compared to the other two.

If all the insurance companies use same information I am not sure there is a difference of 400 – 1000$ in their rates??


About Progressive:

I recently moved to Progressive when my client recommended it to me. I went ahead, got a quote and saved around 350$ for a six months policy (extra money yipppeee…Smile). I asked my friends to go and try progressive and each one of them got a lower quote from Progressive than they were paying to their current insurance company. They all were with different insurance companies such as Safeco, Farmers, All State, Gieco and some of them were with the same company for several years. This hunt is over for at least next 4-5 months and hopefully next outing will bring the rate further down.

Fortunately I haven’t had a chance to file a claim yet but have heard good things about Progressive for the same so hopefully when the time comes it will be turn out to be a good experience.

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