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FreeCap-a small big utility


I found this small freeware program called FreeCap recently and found it useful for doing non work related thing at work environment . Technically FreeCap is a: “Program for transparency redirect connections from programs through SOCKS server. In fact that some programs hasn’t native SOCKS support (for example Internet Explorer), In this case FreeCap will…

Making money from your file collection

Today I am going to share one more way of making money. As we all know internet is nothing but vast collection of information. Sometimes information is organized in as web pages and sometimes it is available as downloadable content such as pdf, ppt, dat, zip and other files.

Over a period of time we keep on downloading and collecting this information and develop a collection of software, e-books, tutorials and videos that run into GB’s for some people. Now this collection can help you to earn money.

There are lot of file sharing sites available out there that allow you to upload these files and allow you to share it with world. Now, the thing that you might not have been aware about is that some sites pay you per download of these files. (more…)

Bing Rewards – Prizes for searching

We all know Bing is Microsoft Search Engine and it is competing against Google for market share. In order to gain market share from Google Bing is actually spending lots of money to attract users to use Bing. Bing Rewards is once such attempt to attract users to use Bing Search.  Bing Rewards is a simple program that involves earning credits for using Bing search and then use those credits to redeem various prizes such as:


Once you sign up for Bing rewards and open Bing search engine you will see a bar shown in the picture below showing the credits you have earning and how to redeem your credits. You will need a Windows Live Id to sign up for Bing Rewards.


If you signup today you will get 250 Bing Credits immediately. I signed up 2 days back and I have reached 288 credits. Unfortunately there is no referral program for Bing Rewards :( so these are not referral links in the post.

Now the most important question “Am I losing something by ditching Google for Bing?”

Till now the answer is NO. It seems like I was using Google out of habit rather than necessity. There doesn’t seem to be much difference between the search results returned by Bing or Google. How long this will last that time will tell. I would say “Make Hay while the sun shines”, use Bing and earn some rewards too.

Instant Cash Sweepstakes-giving another chance

I used Instant Cash Sweepstakes for about 4 weeks, reached a Trust Score of 4 but didn’t win even a single cent. I stopped using it about 10 days back. I was getting ready to post that:

“I am giving up ICS and taking off links of ICS from Freebies. I don’t regret joining and using this site as it doesn’t spam the inbox and doesn’t require much of time and effort. May be I am just not that lucky”

But as I was thinking about the rest of the content of the post I checked my inbox and I found that lady luck just paid me a visit.


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