The Golden rule – There are no shortcuts

When I first started using internet in 2001 I knew that it is possible to make money off internet.

The big question was HOW???

If you think I found the answer to my question, then my friend you are mistaken. After 9 years of using internet I am still searching for that perfect way which would allow me earn lot’s of money from internet as advertised by hundreds and hundreds of website. I have signed up with numerous sites in hope of getting some money but haven’t gotten anything substantial from them.

As I mentioned this site is going to be about my experience of exploring and finding such sites and share with you what I find and if you like something then you are more than welcome to join the bandwagon. Before we start this journey I would like to answer few questions that might be coming to your mind.

1. Is it possible to earn money from internet??
The answer to the question is YES. If you try hard enough then you can but as the post title says “there are no shortcuts”. You have to invest time and effort (and sometimes money too). Like you, everybody else is here to make money too and they will not give you money without getting something in return.

2. What is the best way to make money??
Writing and Creating website is the best way to earn money.
If you have passion for something then make a website about that thing. Your website can be about anything recipes, schools, jokes,friendship etc, you just have to be passionate about it and work on it without expecting money. If you can do that, money will follow but other way round doesn’t work that well. You might earn few dollars but you will get de-motivated soon. I write about Siebel because I want to, money I make from ads is just a bonus.

3. What are other ways to make money?
Other common source of making money is Get Paid To (GPT) sites. This is what I am exploring these days. Lockerz that I mentioned on Siebel Unleashed is one of those sites.

4. What is a GPT website?
GPT sites are websites that pay you to do something like clicking on ads, taking surveys or doing sign-ups on various websites.  The earning from these sites is meager something in range of 1-10$ per month depending on how much time and effort you spend. Though the earning is meager but I will show that how this meager earning from various sources can be channeled to create a somewhat satisfying  stream of income.

To be very honest I am not a PRO at this there are people earning 5 figures income every month from internet. I am just trying to see if I can do the same.
Everything that I am sharing is what I have learnt by hit & trial, numerous website signups, submitting forms and I would like you to avoid those useless and harmful websites that might scam you. I consider myself a bit of a geek and my luck along with instincts have saved me from scams till now and I would like to pass this knowledge to you.

Just remember the golden rule


Stay tuned !!! The ride is about to begin. More questions, queries, suggestions, tips and tricks are welcome.

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